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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Terror on the Prowl....

Sometimes I think that does the feeling of revenge can be so strong that it can overpower human sentiments of love and caring towards each other??? Well when I look inside me I get a negative reply from my heart, and pray to The Almighty that even the messengers of terrorism also get a chance to feel the inner realm of their human selves. I pray that even they could feel the pain in their hearts when they see the blood, human flesh, cries of helpless victims when they execute these deeds of terror in the name of Jehad. I remember a dialogue of Anil Kapoor in the movie "Black and White" when he says that - "Let the terrorists see the faces of their own children amongst the little victims who die due to their inhuman deeds, only then these acts of horror will stop". True to the core!! But right now this doesn't seem to be happening.

13th May, 2008 - Jaipur: This time the city that came in the crosshair of the so called soldiers of Jehad was the famous Pink City of India, Jaipur. Again terrorism rose its ugly head from the dark, where it was lurking, striking at seven places in a time span of 15 minutes killing around 60 and injuring 150 innocent people. Even two live bombs were diffused thankfully, or else the casualties could have been more. Well the auspicious day when people turn out in large numbers to the Hanuman Temple turned out as Black Tuesday not only for the people of the Walled City but also for the citizens of India. May God bless the souls resting in peace and may peace and harmony reign in my holy Motherland and may He punishes the ones who carry out these heinous crimes and may they never live in peace.

Well this incident brings the memories of the ugly days when two blasts shook the twin city of Hyderabad killing 42 people and injuring 50 odd people. The day was Sunday, 26th August 2007. I was in a theatre watching the night show of the movie "Heyy Babyy" just some 5-6 kms away from Lumbini Park where one of the bombs went off killing and injuring many people. My cellphone was was Mom. She gave me this shocking news and I was like completely awestruck. Gradually the news reached to other people in the theatre and soon the environment was filled with fear and terror. In the next 15 mins the whole theatre was empty. We sped to our homes in a jiffy. Phone calls of well wishers started to pour in such huge numbers that even the mobile networks got jammed. My atrocious mind urged me to go to the bomb blast sites, but thanks to my considerate roomies I was stopped on my way. I still remember the days after, when even a single live creature was not visible on the roads of Hyderabad. The public places which otherwise buzzed with life, presented a deserted look. Even I restrained myself from visiting Lumbini Park for more than 8 months. But thanks to the great spirit of the Hyderabadi people, the life didn't stop coz they showed great character and resilience. They showed the terrorists that the fear they try to infuse into our hearts is temporary. They showed how the feeling of love and togetherness overpowered the feeling of fear and terror. THEY SHOWED!!!


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