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Monday, March 20, 2006

Some torn clothes, a puddle of mud and Happy Holi

Salaam namaste Sat-Sri-Akaal guys!! Well this time I've decided to post about my Holi celebrations. But as I moved away from my hometown after Holi and was far away from my workstation, it was quite difficult for me to update my blog. But, I guess this post will be worth your wait. So just be ready for this exciting joyride.

Holi...this name itself fills colours and fun in my heart. But this time, Holi was a bit special for me. You might think that Holi is always special for an Indian, but this time the word 'special' had more sentiments in it than ever. The reason behind this is, probably this was my last ever Holi with all my childhood friends at my hometown, so this added extra excitement in the celebrations. Another reason that added some spice in our fun and frolic was that our exams ended just 2 days before Holi. The 3rd reason - as this is my final year in BIT, it was the last Holi that I celebrated in BIT hostel with my hosteler friends.

So ladies and gentlemen, grab your heart, coz itz time to tell you about 15th March, 2006, the day that staged the festival of Holi. This story consists of 3 parts and I'm here to give you complete insight of each part. So bring your bowl of popcorn and a large cola, select the best place on your couch to sit coz the movie begins now!!


The images are very graphical, chlidren and heart patients are requested not to view them. Explicit content, Parental Advisory ;-)

15th March, 2006

Part 1 (12 AM) : The First Blood

My Holi started at 12 AM at Bhalla's house. The guys present there were - me, Jha, Bhalla, Vaidya, Ashu and Anand Singh. Now it would be quite easy for you guys to predict what could've happened next. If not, then read patiently.

As I reached Bhalla's house, everyone was watching The Guru on the television. I also joined them, but as I saw Singh present there I started doing what I do best...that is verbally assaulting Singh with all the jokes that we create about him. Generally, we call Singh with many weird names like Mrs Jha, Chuchad, etc. That really pisses him off and on this day the same thing happened. So he decided to go back home. That really triggered all the devils in us. This is how we drew first blood from Anand Singh.

Then came the next step. We started calling our friends using Bhalla's landline that has 4 parallel connections and started irritating them really bad. Hey, don't take us otherwise. We are not that irritating but these special moments make us do these things. Nikhil and Meshram were the first people who were assaulted by us in the phone and as they were not so resistant to our jokes, they simply hung up. But, Jeetu was able to digest our jokes easily and we continued to tease him for 20 more mins.

Soon our energy levels started to drop and we found ourselves on the bed watching the Ajax v Inter match. As I was really tired and Holi was the top most thing on my agenda, I fell asleep. But Vaidya, Bhalla and Ashu continued their masti till 4 AM.

Part 2 (10 AM) : The Dayschi Assassination

I was back from Bhalla's house. I was not getting so much enthusiasm about celebrating holi. Last night's masti was taking a toll on me and I was feeling really sleepy. Suddenly I heard some vehicle's sound coming from outside of my house. When I went out I got the shock of my life. Pauva (Shashank) was standing there. I mean, such an idiotic and crazy character he is, I am planning to write a post on him. Just get this, he does the same things normally that a drunkard will do after he is 7 pegs down. However, I said him to go to Nikhil's house and I'll join him. I called up Ashu and he told me to come to his house. So I got dressed, picked up the colours and went to his house. Soon we were joined by Anshuman and Sid.

Slowly, more people kept on joining us and soon our group consisted of around 20-25 people. We moved to Tathu's house, dragged him outside and splashed colours on him. But our main prey was Pauva. So what we did is that we tore down his t-shirt and tied it around his neck. He could do nothing more than standing and watching. Then we moved to Paari's house and there the Nehru Nagar batch joined us. From there we started our ruthless elimination and tore off each others' t-shirts. Soon there were around 25 semi naked guys standing and looking at each other in a startled way. Then we rode off in our bikes to Chuchad's house, but he wasn't there. So after visiting Jha's house we went to Niket's house.

Damn it...what a scene. More guys and more clothes!! And wow, Chuchad also present there. God is really gracious. We again started doing what we've been doing for a while. We tore off the clothes of guys standing there and also gave the same treatment to Chuchad. Soon we lifted him up and threw him in a puddle filled with muddy water. Chuchad kept on cursing us after that, but in vain coz the executioners(that's us) fled from the spot after practising the Dayschi assassination.

Part 3 (2 PM) : The End of the Suzuki

After fleeing off from Niket's house, I reached my home. I threw my half torn t-shirt and wore a new one. Suddenly a thought of visiting the hostel crossed my mind. Even knowing that the hostelers have created a large puddle consisting of mud, cow-dung and may be some human excreta I dared to think about visiting the hostel. Soon I was on my way. As I reached there, luckily for me the celebrations had stopped. But MP and GT came from nowhere, again tore my t-shirt and cargo pants and threw me in the famous 'puddle'. They smeared me with all the stuff that was in the puddle for 25 mins, and left me there lying like a wounded snake. The Suzuki was down. It felt like the assassin who have executed so many Dayschis in one day was taking his final breaths. My eyes were full of mud and were paining like hell. But after splashing water on my face for some time I felt quite good. Soon I had a bath in GT's room, cleaned myself and returned back home.

This was my last and final Holi in Bhilai and the most memorable one. May these memories never leave my heart. Coz one day the Suzuki will rise from the ashes.

Ankscyclopedia Web Definition
Holi (N):
A joyous spring Hindu festival that is dedicated to Krishna in some parts of India; in other parts of India, it is dedicated to Kama, the God of Pleasure. People throw colored water or colored powder in celebration. (Hinduism)


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