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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Independence Day

March 13, 2006

*sniff*……….ahhhhhhhhhh (the smell of glory, the smell of freedom)

It is a very auspicious feeling. It was last felt in 1947 and I’m feeling it again. The reason behind this is, my 7th semester exams ended today on a peaceful note. I never hoped that my last exam could go so well. But it was something I really deserved. For the past 15 days my soul was battered and thrashed, my mind was put to the ultimate test of perseverance and the hormonal levels shot to its zenith. Yeah, I see philosophy flowing out of my mind because when you come back to life after staring at the eyes of the death you get the same feeling. And don’t get it wrong, my exams are not less than Armageddon for me. Well you might be thinking, why I am getting so sentimental when it’s just an exam!! But my dear friend, I repeat, when you are an easy-going person like me and you’ve to clear all your papers for Satyam, then exams convert to the war between life and death and only the toughest survives. Well if you want to know what can happen to me during exams, read this post:

The last examination of UNIX concepts and Shell programming went so peacefully that it was impossible to believe it. Again the synchro of me, Vaidya and Arnab did the trick. Now I’ve started to honour the fundas of team-work that my teachers used to teach me. A li’l bit of shell commands to him, a li’l bit of shell script from him and finally I had a cool 95 marks attempted-2 supplementary sheets attached-answer paper to submit. And as the hooter cried again to put a small full-stop on the 7th SEM exams, joy and ecstasy ran through my veins and arteries. That’s how the Indians must have felt on 15th Aug, 1947 and this is how I’m feeling today. I was lost thinking…


March 12, 2006

South Africa needs 435 to win the match against the ruthless Aussie side. Wtf, such an intense match to watch and I have 3 units of UNIX to complete. Fight for respect was what the Proteas were doing to retain their pride and glory but here in my room I was busy fighting for my independence. All the angels and the satans of my mind were in a quarrel regarding the topic that should I watch the match or not. But here again my persistence won and I only watched the last 15 overs of the SA innings and hence completed my course on time.

This was my fight for freedom that you’ll also have to fight some day or the other. And when you win that battle, just come here again to pay homage to this post and to celebrate your glory. I raise my toast to Independence Day. Cheers!!!


Blogger Ankit said...

wat a match ...

glad to know the TRIO saved the day again.

6:42 PM  

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