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Friday, March 03, 2006

Exams Suck!!

"We don't need no education, We dont need no thought control."

Pink Floyd was torturing his vocal cords singing this song when I wasn't born or may be I was just a child, but it returned back to haunt me when I was giving the Operations Research Exam. The another thing that came back to haunt me was crazy statistical arithmatic stuff that I hated the most in my school and college days. But it seemed that, even Grudge was less frightening than the OR paper. The hooter cried at the top-most volume and we were handed the ques paper. I went through all the pages to analyse it and concluded that even getting 20 marks will be impossible. But somehow due to God's, Vaidya's and Arnab's grace, I was able to attempt nearly some 7-8 ques that I thought would fetch me around 60-70 marks and I was saved. But life is such a b*tch. You never know when, what will happen that may change the whole scenario around you. I thought that if once again I prepare so poorly for the exams, then next time there will be no saviour.

"Its result day, everyone is happy around me coz marks have been distributed like free lunches. Confidence surrounds me like a mild aura and seems like there would be no stopping. I reach the HOD office to get my marksheet. He just throws the marksheet on my face and I pick it up in a confused state. When I see my marksheet and the ( * ) sign in 3 of the subjects, I faint there." hurted. I was lying on the floor besides my bed and I figured out that it was nothing more than a nightmare. But it really took the soul out of me. Generally these things happen when you see an 813-page book and try to study a very vast and dreadful subject named Computer Networks.

The clock showed 2.30 at night. I knew that these nightmares may come back soon to horrify me again so I decided that I would better pick up the book and start mugging. So I just prepared a cup of tea for me, picked a pen and opened the book. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind, I threw the pen away, put ON my PC and started constructing this post. Actually I wanted to express how life can kick you in the a** when you are an easy-going guy, less worried about studies and more about the girls in the college and after two and a half days you will be having the BAAP of the BAAPS, CN paper.

But whatever plan these RSU guys may implement, they would never be able to break my soul. You can set tough papers or even you can reduce the gap between the consecutive papers, but we'll study only on the night before. Coz we the easy-going once, would be eay-going FOREVER. Amein.


Blogger Ankit said...

how can we break the universal code of ENGINEERING.
These ONE NIGHT STAND(outs) are the only way we survive

11:54 PM  
Blogger Ankit Biswas said...

You're true 2 ur words, mayn!!

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Mateen Haidar said...

hey its Matt.
nice blog, but no time to leave a descriptive reply.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Siddharth said...

hey the exam stuff ws pretty nice..n kewl 2...but it ws damn short yaar...!! next time try 2 make it a little big about the hip hop stuff...nt intrested in tht.... nt of my genre...

9:50 AM  
Blogger Ankit Biswas said...

thnx for ur comments. its not necessary tht the post is big or small. the main thing is it should express thots correctly!!

3:11 PM  

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