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Saturday, October 01, 2005

29th sept - another tough day...

It has been many days so I decided to post. Generally it has been said that u can know how the day is going to be when you wake up in the morning, all by ur intuitions. But this time it was a lovely morning!! Had my share of breakfast provided by MTV n [v], coz the real type never fits into my daily routine. Music is my food, music is my soul... Anyhow dressed up and left for college at around 10 AM. Thats the time I always leave and hence fail to reach college at time.

As I arrived, I found that the networking lab had already started. Anyhow I entered the lab like a thief and grabbed my usual seat. Vaidya was nowhere to be seen. But surely saw his bike in the stands. However, I started TELNET and logged into my TELNET login. As it was just the second class, everyone was excitedly using the 'wall' command. was cool. I started off writing 'halla boool...'. After that my 15 inch screen was flooded with broadcasting messages. GT's b'day today!! So broadcasted the b'day message for him. Suddenly, from nowhere Vaidya appeared. He also started taking his shots on this ass-kickin broadcaster service, by sending messages of the famous laughter challenge like 'pehchaan koun....'. Abir was as usual indulged in you know what....!! But suddenly a message came that shook us all. It said 'Jyotsna missin u Jha..'. We were dumbstruck, but still inside laughing out loud. From then only we started off teasing Jha by Jyotsna's name.

Next part of the college was as usual boring, but the word boring gets a new meaning when (with due respects) Mr. Ramesh Kumar takes 2 periods in quick succession. I need 2 pinch myself 2 b awake in the class. Same happened again, but the twist came when he asked that if I was understanding or not. But u know me...I confidently agreed. I was saved that day.

It was 5 PM. This is the time when sun decides to set while throwing its orange pastel colours to paint the earth, the bustling sound of dudes and gals fill the corridors of the college and the feeling of seniority fills the heart while I see my juniors.I love this feeling!! I grabbed my bike n reached coffee corner where I savoured on a slice of cake and a glass of iced tea. Then I vroomed down the streets of durg at abt 60 kmph.

As I reached home, it came to my mind that I have to do the online payment for JMET. But the songs of Nirvana, Linkin Park, Salaam Namaste..flushed the memories out of my mind. god, its 6.30 PM. I had 2 meet Asfia n Mukherjee at Tulec 2 discuss abt the project. So arrived there n asked Shanty sir to guide us. He gave some hi-fi ideas that bounced off my head. Anyhow, after discussing abt the project it was time to leave. Having forgotten abt the payment, I shot off towards the Pool hang out while beating up guys with the pool cue(in the game..of course).

Time check : 9.30 PM. What a time waste. Suddenly I recalled tht the payment work is left. Again flew in my 115 cc bajaj caliber( aka street hawk) to Sid's house. But man..i got doomed, Sid was not at home. He was hanging out in sec -9. Thats when the messiah smiled on me(as then I thought like that). Ashu called me up. Asked me that lets do the transaction via ATM. I said lets do it...But f*** the ATM. But it had already decided to 'mercilessly torture' the JMET aspirants as it was doing tht for abt a week. However, completely crestfallen we found ourselves in the hangout zone of 'Krazy Kool' in CC eating cornettos. Time check 10.45 PM. As it was getting late we rode thru the dark and silent pathways of CC towards home.

This was my another normal day with yet no time for CAT praparation. But surely I sleep with ambitions in my eyes and a dream that tomorrow surely will be better with lots of time assigned just 4 CAT. But surely this post helped you in your reading skill, if you are a CAT aspirant.

Today, 1/10/2005, 4 AM. Feeling Sleepy....


Blogger Ankit said...

More time for CAT... there used to be a time when i use to think the same now gave up all that now i sleep in peace ...:P

12:07 AM  
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