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Sunday, March 15, 2009

'MRA Cultural Night Performance' - The Video

The college band - still an unfulfilled dream!! But does that stop the music maniacs in us from getting together and give an amazing performance...never. When we went to the MRA camp in January, 2009 in Panchgani, we decided that in the cultural night we have to rock up the environment, what if we didn't have the distortions or the synths. So here is when the band got together and decided - "Let there be Rock" !!

The band is still not named, but I call it "Rhythmic Karma" :

Guitars: Me(wearing the cap) and Allan

Vocals: Aditya

Percussions: Mahesh

Song: Duur/Doorie Mix by Strings/Atif Aslam

Hope you enjoy the show...let the mosh-pits begin !!

Life is a Joyride !!

Life is strange!! We work our asses off to get all the joys of life, but never realise that in the process we forget to live life. But what's the definition of life?? Is it to shed your blood and sweat to acquire materialistic things like car, house, etc or to extract the small joys out of it. People never tend to understand it!! They study hard in the Kindergartens, they study hard in the schools and colleges, they work like donkeys in the offices, their books and workstations become more important than their wives and children...but for what??? So that they could get some weight in their bank accounts. Can they buy some sweet moments for their children, a loving shoulder for their wives, a helping hand for their parents.....I guess....No!!
I see the world around me, trying to study it with whatever intellect I am left with and find that life has become a rat-race. People have started to pull each other behind, in order to get in the front. Its a 'Dog eats Dog world' out here. In SITM, the word 'LIFE' has been replaced by another 4-lettered word - 'CGPA'. Fun and Frolic are the taboo words here, for many. Festivals come and go, but people find digging their faces in the books more satisfying. But then, where is the life?? They don't realise what they are missing, for some grades and some zeros in the placement package. But thank God...there are also some people of a completely different cult, who think living life to the fullest is more important than an extra lakh of rupees. And I boast to be a member of that cult. I believe in myself, I know to run ahead, I know to have fun, I love licking an ice-cream more than licking the pages of a book, I know how to manage time for my loved ones, having fun and even studying. Fine...I don't have a startling grade, but that brings me to the niche segment of dynamic people, who know that management studies mean overall development and not just CGPAs.

I know these are just examination blues, that are making my thoughts soar away to newer horizons. But still after completing 4 years of engineering and 1 semester of MBA successfully, I have realised one thing, when you can manage time for listening music, watching movies, roaming with friends, talking with your loved ones and still get time for preparing for exams, you become the real manager. You learn how to make the most out of your life, without compromising on your responsibilities. And that's what life tries to teach us! Its not about being successful in life, its about living life successfully. Joys and sorrows are the most crucial elements of life and when you miss them while running behind your dreams, you don't do justice to your life. So I request all the poor souls out there, you get only 1 life, approximately 70-80 birthdays, about 50 anniversaries and about 280 big festivals to celebrate....missing one doesn't seem a big deal...but analyse the percentage of happiness you've lost and you'll realise what you've missed!! So keep having and exams come and go, but life comes only once and you won't even realise when it will just pass by...

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