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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Memory Remains...

As I try to survive the ocean of Semester 2 with 16 subjects, some 4 dozen presentations and infinite hours full of tension, I have started to feel like a zombie or say an android. Life is running on a speedway and each day passes as a PowerPoint slide, in a jiffy. But still somehow I am able retain the human within me, thanks to my pals in SITM, whose support and concern acts like a backbone in this otherwise tense life. As I was flipping through the HTML pages of Orkut today I came across this pic which really gave me a ride through the memory lane. Semester 1 has passed some 2 months ago but still is fresh in our minds. That was the time when we all met in this serene campus and promised each other to hold hands as we started our journey to the pinnacle. But gone are those days!!! Now we seldom find any time to crack a joke, to wink an eye or even to bring a smile on our faces. Life is now entangled between Word docs and Excel sheets. The only thing we dream of these days are routers, switches and UTP cables. We know that this hard work only could elevate us to newer heights, but where are those emotions?? Where are the smiles visible prominently on that photograph?? Life is now only about responsibilities, deadlines, managerial jargons and financial terminologies. Has our life got as pale as the pages of The Economic Times??
Well whatever it may be, but still this pic is the best till now in SITM. This was the first time we got together, laughed, gagged and crashed on the floor. Smiles were like raining from heaven and the camaraderie was just exhilarating. We were converted into a bunch of school-kids, trying to fight our way for the last sip of the cola. It seemed as the whole world is for our taking and the whole earth is our playground, as we rolled on the dust laden floor. We were as elated as we have never been in our whole lives. It all felt like a dream!! But we all know that life comes in full circles. Today the assignments and deadlines have overshadowed the cheerfulness and gaiety and have buried them deep within our hearts. But soon there will be time when we'll break away from the cocoon, let our hairs loose and again join the flight to Joy-villa; holding hands, singing songs and partying like animals. We are ready to play any ball that life throws at us because we know sooner or later it would be us who will be calling the shots and having a BLAST!!
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