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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Salaam Hyderabad...

Well starting off with these few words I can feel guilt run down my veins for neglecting my dearest blog. I've neglected it so much I can feel it in the same position as the refugees in the German Concentration Camp, but its time for redemption for my dearest blog. A lot has happened in the past 1 year that it is difficult to recollect and reinstate the forgotten facts and figures into the grey cells of my subconscious mind but still I'd love to share some interesting snippets with you guys out there.

Almost 2 yrs back I came to the Land of the Nizams and in no time it has surely captured my heart. There are somethings that are ever increasing in Hyderabad like the traffic congestion, the stink of Hussain Sagar lake, the summer heat and the disposable income of the peanuts earning software engineers like us but still this place has a special place in my heart and I'd any day love to settle down here. So here I am giving you some quick picks, that will surely catch your unattentive attention once you place your foot on this fast yet laidback place....

1)The broad roads: Well I've been to many of the metro cities in India but mind you I've encountered the widest of roads after coming to Hyderabad. I mean you just need a fast bike and you'd love to zoom it through past the heavy vehicles, but surely expect some raised eyebrows and some unexpected "Maa-Behens-ki"s from the foul mouthed rowdies.

2)Non veg: Dude, if you think you can decieve even your parents for a plate of Juicy Murg Musallam then this place is heaven for you. Mind you guys here at some places you'll find non veg food cheaper than vegetarian "ghaas-phoos". Dont know what magic these guys have in their fingers, you will find the most delicious of non veg cuisines, anywhere from Paradise hotel to Pasha Cheekun Carner.

3)Lingo: "Bahut kaama hai aaj mere ku!!!" -- What the 'F''ll think for the first time, but just have your stay over here for some time and you'll feel the same bent in your linguistic skills and even you wont be able to prevent it. Here guys have an unusual talent of adding '-aa' as a suffix after all the bits and pieces of verbal diction.

4)Traffic Sense: It's said here that "Just give them a vehicle and they'll give you Rajnikanth". I mean if you really want to see the scenes of '2 fast 2 furious' out of your TV sets just hop-on to any of the roads over here. Mind you the guys over here have so good traffic sense and so edgy driving skills that next time you come out of your homes you'll have to say "Hanuman Chalisa" that too 40 times to leave your fate on the mercy of the Almighty.

5)Kake da juice corner/Ching Yang ka Chowmein: Surely you'll find juice corners and chinese fast food centres at every corner of the city. Sometimes I feel people over here drink juice more than water. And each counter has so many varieties of fruits that even the fruit bearing Northern terrains of India will be full of shame. And at night if you are really hungry you wont go home disappointed thanks to the Chinese Fast Food centres, doesnt matter if you are Tom Cruise or Tommy Kutta.

6)The-Hi-Tech-Tag: With the sudden inflow of software companies in Hyderabad and also some dumb fools love to be known as software engineers following them here, the city has really transformed into a true high tech zone. Even some places getting names that sound like places from the Star Wars movie like Hi-Tech City or Cyberabad surely reflects this tranformation. Here you will find metal detectors even in front of Chourasia Pan shop and electronic tickets for entry even in parks. These surely helps in turning us to zombies.

7) Stylish Suzanne/Sultry Salma: This city has a right mix of all kind of people. And here you'll surely find your kind of crowd no matter if you are Bill gates or the Great Khali. Talking about fashion this city surely stretches towards extremes because only here you'll find ladies aesthetically clad in Burkhas to snazzily clad in micro minis in equal numbers.

8)The Great Tollywood: I have never seen such large number of movie buffs as I've seen in Hyderabad. Just let your sights wander and you'll see large hoardings of Telugu movie posters where the heroes resemble your next door Rao uncle and the heroines scantily clad showing their thunder-thighs, in each and every corner, towering like colossal figures. Only here you'll find movies like "Sautan ka Inteqam" running houseful for two weeks.

9)The Un-Ignorable Geeks: Last and not the least you cannot ignore the software geeks like me on the streets of Hyderabad who dont have any idea where they are heading towards, who look like malnourished kids lost in the concrete jungle, who have stopped eating or sleeping and have made booze and cigarettes their closest pals. Just take a look at their faces and you'll surely say : "Even the HONDA ROBOT has more emotions on its face than these geeks."


Anonymous Vaidya said...

Awesome !!!
I've been thr for 6 months and this fellow,my dearest frnd,was my guide thr...Took me to all the best places he knw...from roadside 'Ice Gola' wala to the happening disc 'Firangi Paani'...and I njoyd it all...Seriusly, sumitims I miss Hydrbd too... :-)
The best line was in point no 8)The Great Tollywood...'Rao Uncle'...Ohh shit !!! I literally fell off my chair laughing...Hehehee.
Too good dude...Keep it up !!!

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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