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Friday, January 12, 2007



Whatever you say, however you spell...still it means the same. Basically, resurrection is a religious word depicting the Christian faith according to which Jesus rose from the tomb after his death. The Gospels state that after Jesus was crucified and lay in a tomb between Friday evening and Sunday morning, he rose, in body as well as in spirit, and appeared alive to his followers. But, right now we are here to give a new meaning to the word Resurrection.

Basically resurrection means rising from death, and today this is really going to happen. No no don't worry, I'm not going to enchant you or show you some hypnotic skills (how can I, I'm just a software engineer and not any Ramdeo Baba) but I'll just let my fingers dance on the keyboard so that I can provide you guys with a new post. It's been a long long time since I last posted on my blog, that's why it was chokin' to death due to lack of posts. So it's time for me to show some magic of my fingers, with some extra magic of the internet and make my blog survive.

But hey isn't just about survival. It's about how to survive, sustain and succeed without falling apart. Then only one can emerge as a true winner...ok ok enough of this philosophical crap. But anyhow the bottomline is that I've let my blog choke to death for many days, I've let it suffer through fatal conditions and I've never looked back once, for so many days. But it's time to prove the destiny that change is inevitable and that's why I've decided to change it !!! It's time for me to make a stand's time for me to look's time for me to snatch life from the throat of death...and it's time to let the phoenix rise from the ashes.

I've been sitting quiet for many days and was not getting much time to update my blog. Today suddenly while chatting in Yahoo! Messenger I saw Dohare's blog address in it and that reminded me of my blog that had been left unattended for so many months. When I visited my blog I felt so sad and I decided that it's time to rejuvenate my blog and start blogging once again, so that again I can provide all my readers with food for thought. So guys, I've come up with a new look for my blog...hope you like it. Do comment about the look and feel of it, and I promise you that from now on you'll never return from here, without a new post. Chill out and enjoy!!

Feeling sleepy right now coz it's 4 AM and I've to see off Bhalla tomorrow. I see my cozy bed with all warm blankets and pillow and then I think about the cold bed of Hyderabad and think that it doesn't matter who you are and whether you work in USA or Switzerland..............your home, even if it's in the remotest place on earth, is still the best place to live in !!! Yawnnnnn.....zzzzzz


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