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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Guy 1: No No No...please stop, don't do this !!

Guy 2: Why shouldn't I, $#@%, you called me an a*****e !!

Guy 3: Dare not touch my friend, you a*****e !!

Guy 2: I'm not an a*****e, %$@#@, but you both are dead now !!

Guy 3: Bloody idiot 'guy 1', what are you waiting for, lets kick some ass !!

Guy 1: 'Guy 3' you called me idiot, now just wait for your obituary, let's fight !!

Guy 3: Okayyy...ring the bell...hell yeah !!

*Pow* *..wham..* *..thudd..* *..whack..* *..whoaaa..* .....aaahh aah oohh...

Guys the 'graphical' dialogues were brought to you courtesy BIT. Looking at the title don't think that I'm gonna go "blah blah" about the movie Fight Club. Because I never watched that movie after reading the review of it. And there's no need to watch it also. Because my college, nowadays, has been converted into one fight club. So it's a request to all of my friends who may visit BIT to meet me; please bring with yourself things like chain, rod, bat, knuckles or may be a deagle, AK 47, hand grenade, etc. and if you come without that, please bring 4 men with a stretcher. Yes, this is how the condition in BIT is from few days. Blood, gore, no-mercy, etc are the words which could easily be heard inside the campus. Guys who looked like engineers few days back, now seem more like mafias, thugs and gangsters. And they are fighting, whether any solid reason exists or not.

Well, many of you guys must be knowing that these 'pangas' are not rare in BIT. They keep on happening; but this week the word 'frequent' has got a new meaning. On the dates 11th and 13th of this month, not less than 7 pangas occurred, in which students of BIT were involved. Whether it is bashing up a shopkeeper or fighting up with a batchmate, BITians are ahead in any aspect of these street-fights. So let me narrate you some of the recent pangas that occurred here:

11th April

One of our juniors went to the market searching for a photo studio. When he asked a boy sitting in one of the shops that where the studio was, the boy said in a joking way that give me 50 bucks and i'll click your photograph using a mobile. Hearing this, the junior denied and was about to leave when the boy abused him and gave him a slap. In turn, the junior came to the hostel and went back to the shop with some 10-12 other guys, but in vain. The boy was not present there. So they came back. At the midnight, the boy from the shop came to BIT to apologise, but in turn the juniors bashed him up really bad.

On that day, some other 4 pangas also took place in various places of Bhilai where BITians were involved.

13th April

That day, our dearest Jha, Bhalla and Vaidya were sitting in the coffee corner with the girls when Sheshnath stepped in. As they were indulged in their routine enjoyment, Sheshnath, who was sitting alone, got agitated and shouted at them. In turn Jha and Vaidya asked him that what was his problem. In turn Shesh abused them and went away. Later when Jha, Vaidya and Bhalla went to Shesh's room, Shesh abused them again and they did the same. This agitated both the parties and Jha got slapped. Now Jha, Bhalla and Vaidya tried to hit him but some batchmates stopped them and the matter got calmed there only.

On the same day, there was a cricket match between 110s and 50s wings. Adhikari was umpiring in the match and unluckily gave a wrong decision. In turn Patel asked the whole 50s team to walk out of the field and hence stopped the play. Adhikari got irrtated and so was the 110s wing. Both the teams started abusing each other, hence agitated some of the players. Some of the 50s players also delivered personal comments to the opposite team and hence the fight was about to start. But thanx to me and some other guys who did their best to avert the dangerous fight and the match ended peacefully.

So now you can see what all has been happening in BIT for the last few days. Don't take it otherwise coz I'm not criticising the students of BIT coz there are gems like me too ;-) , nor I'm criticising the college coz its still a very very good college consisting students with lots of potential but a bit hot head.

Ankscyclopedia Web Definition
Panga : An Indian word depicting a street-fight, that occurs between individuals or groups.


Blogger Niharika said...

hey ankit.. finaly you write and what a dishum dishum post!! had to confirm that it was not an akhara in picture but BIT!! u should have a paper in self defence too i suppose!!
PS any tips for me to increase my blogs page rank??

10:01 PM  
Blogger Ankit said...

Abe smart-ass u mentioned that Jha got slapped but u wrote nuthing abt any bashings u got... tujhe bhi koi to mara hi hoga.

Well one smart move tune woh conversation english mein likha hai real language mein likh deta to give up hi ho jata :))

10:31 PM  
Blogger Ankit Biswas said...

yeah actually it's BIT and not an akhara, tht i confirm. n there's nuthin to defend. coz it actually happens here!!
sorry i cudnt get the blog page rank funda!! elaborate..

abe @#%$* bhool gaya woh class 9-10 ke din jab tu humse pita karta thha. ab in my blog how can i write abt my own bashing ;). and dost tu aa toh yahan ek baar u'll get both the real language and a good bashing for IIM. thts the ritual

11:33 PM  
Anonymous vaidya said...

yeah man,guyz of BIT do hav a HOT HEAD but thy also hav a SOFT HEART...thts y they thot of their frndshp with BOYZ HOSTL guyz first b4 BEATING D HELL out of tht MORON...PEACE

12:29 AM  
Blogger Ankit Biswas said...

hehehe...thnx for visitin'. u r daym tru man. peace out!!!

6:58 PM  
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