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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Blog!!

Dear Blog

Muah...muah...and lotz of kisses to you. This is your 1st birthday dear so wishing you a very very happy birthday. You've been my best friend for a year and you stood by me in both of my good and bad days. When I was down, you lifted me up. When I was frustrated, you soaked all my feelings and thoughts. When I was happy, you reflected my joy and ecstacy. So, for all the support you've provided to me, I'd like to say Thank You.

But dear AWM, this is just the beginning of a life long journey. You've just started taking your first steps. But there's a long way to go now. With my growth, you will grow too. And my dream is to see you reach the apex of glory where you will stand and shout, "See I have caught your dream and I'm reflecting your success". So son, it's time to walk straight coz one day these steps will help you run with the wind.

Dear blog, in these last 365 days, I've abandoned you, I've decorated you, I've made you laugh, I've made you cry. You were visited by many friends as well as acquaintances and you've succeeded to entertain them. They have blessed you, they have cursed you and even they've written good appraisals on you. Hence, you've succeeded in soaking up their feelings too. In the last year, you saw me turn from a completely frustrated man to a happy-go-lucky person. You saw me being romantic. You even saw me celebrate. But I can't tell how you'll see me this year. But surely, this coming year, you will see a new workstation, a new home and a new me.

So blog, giving you lots of blessings on your birthday and hope that others will also shower their blessings on you. Hope you live long and keep on entertaining the masses like you did earlier.

Only your's



Blogger Niharika said...

hi ankit! happy belated birtday.. errr to your blog that is!! dekho belated he sahi but im the first one to wish you..that is in a propah way(the comment way!!)!!
anyways..wishing you lotsa happy blogging hours!!

1:49 PM  
Blogger Ankit Biswas said...

arre niharika ji bahut bahut thankuu rahega. i guess u were quite bz for sometime thts why u havent written any post in ur blog.

chal keep blogging...waitin 4 ur posts!!

8:31 PM  
Blogger Ankit said...

Oh baba bengali!!!!!!
I know it was tough but u did it....hanging in there enlighting the web world. Things changed but ur babies are still lying holding their fingers high above .....way to go dude...

10:35 PM  
Blogger Ankit Biswas said...

abbe dohare uncle...they specifically show their fingers 2 u. btw thnx for commenting n keep bloggin' !!

12:13 AM  

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