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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well do you guys know what's the latest buzz in the bloggers' space these days? It's the talk of the town, the clash of the Titans...and how!! Well these days our very own Bhuvan (read: Aamir Khan) and our very modest Shahenshah (read: Amitabh Bachchan) are busy mudslinging at their not-so-favourite co-stars via the latest toys in their hands....their Blogs. I was reading an article in a newspaper recently and read how in yesteryears big stars like Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor had their share of differences and still used to keep their differences under wraps. But dudes...this is the era of the New Age Outlaws!! The stalwarts of Bollywood have refrained themselves from public bantering in media but instead have started to take potshots towards other celebs by posting comments about them in their blogs.

Recently Aamir Khan took on our very own King Khan Shahrukh by comparing him with a dog and he even posted how he loves feeding his dog Shahrukh with biscuits. I mean com'on Aamir, we all know that you are a very good actor and how you glorified a dyslexic child in Taare Zameen Par but it doesn't mean that you will start acting like one. Well, you know, there is something called sense of humour and as I went through your post today I felt the post lacked both sense and humour. Do you need a scriptwriter for even cracking a good joke? Well it's nothing like that I am a die hard Shahrukh fan or something but even a witty joke can attract some accolades, but alas, let alone wit...that was the dumbest of humour I found on internet that even blonde jokes seemed more witty.

And talking about Mr. Bachchan, he has commented on the new show that Shahrukh is hosting as "Paanchvi Fail". I mean com'on yaar, I am not able to understand why everyone is so happy taking on Shahrukh. Are these stars jealous that they weren't able to buy an IPL team? Whatever reason it may be but initially I thought Mr Bachchan as one of the most modest stars but I think that the Raj Thackrey episode has affected him in a big way...and even he's doing the same thing Mr Thackrey used to do!! Com'on are like....the Star of the Millenium, and we know how KBC is very close to your heart but every star has his own time to shoot towards the skies. I think it would be better that Mr Bachchan takes some time off and start visiting holy places instead of shaking legs with the beauties on screen, coz it only makes him think he's still the only star out here. Sir, your time is over now, better search for peace and tranquility at your age.

I don't get what's happening with the stars out here. Recently, there were talks of differences between Mr Rajanikanth and Shahrukh (oh no not again), as they are about to release a remake of some Tamil movie on the same day. Even Salman Khan is in the news as he's not happy with the price that Akshay Kumar is quoting and have started to quote prices bigger than Akki Bhai. Arre Salman Bhai, I mean, think how Akki is delivering one hit after other, and you are having like..."wink and you'll miss me" kind of status in Bollywood, so who'll give you such enormous amount for just showing your bare body and no acting skills. Get a life dude!!

Well don't know what's up with these guys but one thing is for sure...whatever happens, the audience like us gets a lot of spice to savour on, thanks to the stars. So on an ending note I'd just like to say, "Lage Raho Blogger Bhai-s !!".


Anonymous Sumit Ramani said...

Cool blog!! Keep posting

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Vaidya said...

Good 1...Send ur blog's link to Aamir & Bachhan... :-D

6:40 AM  

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