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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Paint the town RED !!!

And here comes the time to celebrate for the Red Devils as they clinch their 10th Premier League title thanks to the goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs. Well, this season had lots to offer for the United fans from wins, losses to brilliant performance from the youngsters like Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Vidic,etc and also this season Sir Alex Ferguson found two awesome talents in the form of Nani and Anderson. Well generally as a United fan I find Arsenal as the closest rivals but this year MUFC had Chelsea as their closest competitors, not only in Barclays Premier League but also the Champions League.
Who could have thought the title battle would not be over till the last day and Manchester United had to face Wigan at the JJB and Chelsea were to face the tricky customers Bolton Wanderers. Still my heart assured me that its gonna be United all the way....and it did!!! A cool penalty from Ronaldo in the 32nd minute and a brilliant goal from Ryan Giggs were enough to snatch the hopes of the title from Chelsea. No doubt the player of this season is Cristiano Ronaldo with 41 goals in all competitions and surely a record holder of all times. But we cannot leave without admiring the contributions of other United players. Unexpectedly Vidic was the talent of the season and showed some ultimate defending skills. Also I've never seen a better defensive midfielder in United than Owen Hargreaves. But the season's victory was the major contribution of youngsters who proved that strategies of Sir Alex can never go wrong.
Well my fan following for United actually started in 2002 and Beckham was my hero. I've seen him score fabulous free kicks and was in awe to see his performance in Champions League against Real Madrid when he scored 2 goals which finally United lost on aggregates. I still regret the fact that Becks is not in United and has joined LA Galaxies, but my heart never left the hallowed Old Trafford. Well this 2007-08 season is coming to an end but is still not over with the clash of the titans i.e United vs Chelsea still left for who is to become the king of Europe. I'll pray with my heart and know that the Red Devils will march through Moscow and surely they will down the Blues to clinch The Champions League title too. And that will do justice to a brilliant season for United and its fans in every corner of the world like me.


Anonymous Vaidya said...

Glory Glory Man United !!!

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