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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

To Bhilai, With Love

So here I am again, saturated of playing Counter Strike, watching the tits and bits of random movies and abusing my roomie, in front of my entertainment lifeline: my lappy. The Blogger is in front of me with all the hues and shades, gazing at me with sheer expectation that I'd blot it with my scribbles and well, I'll oblige!! So was brainstorming about the matter to write and felt that it's been quite some time I have written something about my holy motherland: Bhilai. Throughout the day I was feeling a bit nostalgic about the days I spent in Bhilai with my parents and once I realised that a tear rolled down my cheek. Shit! I wasn't crying, or was I. Whatever. So I thought to share with you some snippets about Bhilai that haven't changed since I left 3 years ago. And however funny these facts may seem, they are really close to my heart.

Some things that'll never change in Bhilai:

1. With due respects, only here you'll find the uncles talking on their mobile phones on top of their voices as to showcase that, well, 'they've got a mobile set!!', as if the Telecom Revolution has just arrived in Bhilai.

2. In the era of Levi's and Pepe's, only here you'll find every roadside romeo wearing the 'Latesht Ishtreet Phashion' with all the 'Kadhais and Bunaais' on the Jeans and quotes like 'Urbaan Fasheon : Lavi's Geans'.

3. The only way to woo a girl over here is, decorate your 100 CC bike with all the bling-blings, wear silver coloured sunglasses, wrap a 'gamchha' around your neck and go for a ride honking the weird horns. And guess what, the girl is impressed!!

4. Only here you will find hangout places like Civic Center, which remainscrowded each day as it is generally in Kumbh ka Mela and only after staying here for some time you'll realise that 9 out of 10 people know you very well.

5. Only here you'll go out on Valentine's Day, with an expectation to find a girl with whom you'll fall in love, only to realise that the hang-out places are filled with boys, and no species of womankind visible anywhere.

6. Here only two professions are known to the bholi-bhali junta - Engineers and Doctors, and with reference to Engineering only two institutes are known to them, the IIT and the BIT (Bhilai Institute of Technology).

7. The only sector that is growing at a steady pace in Bhilai is the Coaching Class Sector, which is not affected by any recession or the lack of demand and supply, and is now a $ 50 billion market with a growth rate of 157 % annually.

8. Only here you'll find everything from Mama Bhanja ki chaat, Srinath ki pav bhaji, Sharukh ka egg-roll and Deleshious Kulfi and for that all you need is a 50 rupees note in your pocket. And if you have 100 bucks in your pocket you'll feel like buying the whole shop.

9. Only here you'll make true friends in school and as you realise that you've reached college, you'll find the same ol' guys sitting next to you pulling your leg and turning you crazy. And that's the sweetest thing you'll ever encounter. Ah! getting nostalgic again.

10. Only here you'll find life free of tensions, no jamming of roads, no hustle-bustle of crowd, no loneliness, no polluted lungs and minds and relationships that are bound to last forever.

Being out of my hometown for a while, I've realised that may be I've left it physically but my heart is still over there. It doesn't matter, in whichever metro city you are living in, the slow-paced life of Bhilai can beat its fast-life any day!! So as I close my 'An Ode to Bhilai' Chapter, I feel I should take a quick nap now as its already 4 Am and I've to wake up at 7.30 AM. Good Nite Blog!!


Anonymous Bhilai City said...

Hi, Ankit

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Deep C said...

Ahh Bhilai ... The Good old fantabulous days !!!!

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah man bhilai rocks

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Zubin said...

Abey tu bhi CS khelta hai kya? True..Bhilai Rocks.....Civic Centre Rocks ...Thats classic rock for you!!

9:02 PM  
Blogger anjath said...

hey! nice blog ankit.. hope to see u in SITM. do stay active on the PG site.. i had a few things i wanted to ask about telecom management.

take care... all the best

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am born and brought up in Bhlai and left in 1991, and still very nostalgic about the place. Such a wonderful place with people from all parts of India living peacefully. Badly miss civic centre, my old school SSSIV, and my good old friends.

10:55 AM  
OpenID randomsurfer said...

Awesome buddy......nice one :-)
Miss Bhilai man.....


11:59 PM  
Blogger Ankit Biswas said...

Thanx all for ur comments....bhilai anyday rocks...the lazy afternoons...the monsoon breeze...the gup chup wala...the civic centre...the supela and all.....gettin nostalgic again!!

6:50 PM  

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