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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"When Satan Becomes Saint" - The Video

Hi guys!! This is the video I made as a part of submission to Viacom18. I was supposed to make a video describing myself and tried to squeeze my creativity into this one. With lack of technical support and limited number of softwares the assignment seemed an uphill climb. But anyhow the idea clicked and the video was prepared with the available softwares. More emphasis was given on graphical transitions and effects and one liners were used, to stick to the theme of the video. Many of my colleagues watched and appreciated it. Thanks to all of them!!

Technical Support:

Editting Softwares: Google Picasa, Microsoft Paint

Movie Editor: Microsoft Movie Maker

So just have a look and hope you enjoy it!!


Blogger AniruddhA said...

That's seriously an awesome video dude...flawless with the simple S/Ws you had. Good show..Anks !! Creativity is you USP, no doubts about that.

11:06 PM  

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