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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Guy 1: No No No...please stop, don't do this !!

Guy 2: Why shouldn't I, $#@%, you called me an a*****e !!

Guy 3: Dare not touch my friend, you a*****e !!

Guy 2: I'm not an a*****e, %$@#@, but you both are dead now !!

Guy 3: Bloody idiot 'guy 1', what are you waiting for, lets kick some ass !!

Guy 1: 'Guy 3' you called me idiot, now just wait for your obituary, let's fight !!

Guy 3: Okayyy...ring the bell...hell yeah !!

*Pow* *..wham..* *..thudd..* *..whack..* *..whoaaa..* .....aaahh aah oohh...

Guys the 'graphical' dialogues were brought to you courtesy BIT. Looking at the title don't think that I'm gonna go "blah blah" about the movie Fight Club. Because I never watched that movie after reading the review of it. And there's no need to watch it also. Because my college, nowadays, has been converted into one fight club. So it's a request to all of my friends who may visit BIT to meet me; please bring with yourself things like chain, rod, bat, knuckles or may be a deagle, AK 47, hand grenade, etc. and if you come without that, please bring 4 men with a stretcher. Yes, this is how the condition in BIT is from few days. Blood, gore, no-mercy, etc are the words which could easily be heard inside the campus. Guys who looked like engineers few days back, now seem more like mafias, thugs and gangsters. And they are fighting, whether any solid reason exists or not.

Well, many of you guys must be knowing that these 'pangas' are not rare in BIT. They keep on happening; but this week the word 'frequent' has got a new meaning. On the dates 11th and 13th of this month, not less than 7 pangas occurred, in which students of BIT were involved. Whether it is bashing up a shopkeeper or fighting up with a batchmate, BITians are ahead in any aspect of these street-fights. So let me narrate you some of the recent pangas that occurred here:

11th April

One of our juniors went to the market searching for a photo studio. When he asked a boy sitting in one of the shops that where the studio was, the boy said in a joking way that give me 50 bucks and i'll click your photograph using a mobile. Hearing this, the junior denied and was about to leave when the boy abused him and gave him a slap. In turn, the junior came to the hostel and went back to the shop with some 10-12 other guys, but in vain. The boy was not present there. So they came back. At the midnight, the boy from the shop came to BIT to apologise, but in turn the juniors bashed him up really bad.

On that day, some other 4 pangas also took place in various places of Bhilai where BITians were involved.

13th April

That day, our dearest Jha, Bhalla and Vaidya were sitting in the coffee corner with the girls when Sheshnath stepped in. As they were indulged in their routine enjoyment, Sheshnath, who was sitting alone, got agitated and shouted at them. In turn Jha and Vaidya asked him that what was his problem. In turn Shesh abused them and went away. Later when Jha, Vaidya and Bhalla went to Shesh's room, Shesh abused them again and they did the same. This agitated both the parties and Jha got slapped. Now Jha, Bhalla and Vaidya tried to hit him but some batchmates stopped them and the matter got calmed there only.

On the same day, there was a cricket match between 110s and 50s wings. Adhikari was umpiring in the match and unluckily gave a wrong decision. In turn Patel asked the whole 50s team to walk out of the field and hence stopped the play. Adhikari got irrtated and so was the 110s wing. Both the teams started abusing each other, hence agitated some of the players. Some of the 50s players also delivered personal comments to the opposite team and hence the fight was about to start. But thanx to me and some other guys who did their best to avert the dangerous fight and the match ended peacefully.

So now you can see what all has been happening in BIT for the last few days. Don't take it otherwise coz I'm not criticising the students of BIT coz there are gems like me too ;-) , nor I'm criticising the college coz its still a very very good college consisting students with lots of potential but a bit hot head.

Ankscyclopedia Web Definition
Panga : An Indian word depicting a street-fight, that occurs between individuals or groups.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Blog!!

Dear Blog

Muah...muah...and lotz of kisses to you. This is your 1st birthday dear so wishing you a very very happy birthday. You've been my best friend for a year and you stood by me in both of my good and bad days. When I was down, you lifted me up. When I was frustrated, you soaked all my feelings and thoughts. When I was happy, you reflected my joy and ecstacy. So, for all the support you've provided to me, I'd like to say Thank You.

But dear AWM, this is just the beginning of a life long journey. You've just started taking your first steps. But there's a long way to go now. With my growth, you will grow too. And my dream is to see you reach the apex of glory where you will stand and shout, "See I have caught your dream and I'm reflecting your success". So son, it's time to walk straight coz one day these steps will help you run with the wind.

Dear blog, in these last 365 days, I've abandoned you, I've decorated you, I've made you laugh, I've made you cry. You were visited by many friends as well as acquaintances and you've succeeded to entertain them. They have blessed you, they have cursed you and even they've written good appraisals on you. Hence, you've succeeded in soaking up their feelings too. In the last year, you saw me turn from a completely frustrated man to a happy-go-lucky person. You saw me being romantic. You even saw me celebrate. But I can't tell how you'll see me this year. But surely, this coming year, you will see a new workstation, a new home and a new me.

So blog, giving you lots of blessings on your birthday and hope that others will also shower their blessings on you. Hope you live long and keep on entertaining the masses like you did earlier.

Only your's


Thursday, April 06, 2006


..Yawn...*scratch scratch*...yaaaawwnn!!! Feels like my brain cells have pulled over their blankets and are fast asleep. But still I am staring at my monitor like a frozen mummy. Is this insomnia?? Hell no, because I am completely on the other face of the coin. Coz I am suffering from Hyper-somnia. By the way, I don't know if such a word exists or not or may be its my brainchild, but yes I am a hyper-somniac. Well I feel that the word itself is self-explanatory and if you are not able to understand the meaning, then my friend I wonder how are you still alive without a brain!! Okay okay...enough of this leg pulling. Jokes apart, let me describe about the basic characteristics of a hyper-somniac along with examples.

Well in some remote place lives a to-be-software-engineer named Ankit Biswas aka Anks. He is suffering from severe hyper-somnia. Even if his senses reach the pinnacle of unconsciousness, he remains awake doing some useless work on the internet till he drops dead. He has to listen various kinds of abuses from his parents and sometimes he recieves some good thrashing also. But, as all his senses are almost numb, he seldom feels any pain. It has been predicted as the most dangerous disease spreading amongst the youngsters, more specifically amongst engineers. Scientists are unable to find any preventive measure for this ailment. But it is said that a good slap at night and a bucket of cold water in the morning can cure it. Now let me tell you the major consequences of such a terrible ailment:

1.) If you have joined
tuitions to learn some musical instrument like guitar, piano, drums, etc and you have morning classes, then dude you will be able to play '18 till I die' when you become 75 years old.

2.) If the time assigned for developing your final sem major-project is 8 AM then surely you'll get a BIG ZERO in the practicals and all your dreams of making it big in the software industry will be shattered.

3.) If you are kind of a romantic guy with a cute but demanding girlfriend and suddenly one day your girlfriend says to you, "let's meet at the Love-Bird park in the morning when the breeze is cool, birds are chirping and we are alone" then in 2 days you will have a nice break-up and you will be spending your nights at a country bar.

4.) If you are having your exams and you have to wake up early in the morning because you've got 2 units left to study, but you wake up just 20 mins prior to your examination then dude rest is history.

5.) If you have your lectures at 10 AM and you find yourself lying on the bed till 11.30 AM, then you'll surely get a good thrashing from your HOD.

These things may happen to a hyper-somniac like me, as yesterday I was called by my HOD because I was having a short-attendance. Just felt like I was an American spy standing in front of Hitler and soon will be shot down with several German made Mauzers. My condition was so bad that if he had shouted on me,
then even Huggies diapers could have become less resistant. But thank God I was saved with a scolding that, if again I miss any of the classes, I'd be suspended for 1 week.

Now the real catch behind the post is that, I am working really hard to stay awake, to be a hyper-somniac, so that I could easily get a 7 day leave. ;-)

Ankscyclopedia Web Definition:
Hyper-somniac : An irresponsible person who sleeps the whole morning and wakes at the noon, hence screws his own future.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lyrical Comedy!!

Well guys, today I saw a post on Orkut and couldn't stop myself from posting it here. Generally, I don't post these kind of stuff in my blog. But damn, its so funny. Really, I was so amused by it that I couldn't stop myself from laughing and almost fell off the chair. Really I am a great fan of Bryan Adams and sir I really respect you. But the desi version of Summer of 69 is soooo hilarious that I had to post it here. Pardon Me!!

So guys here are the lyrics of desi 'Summer of 69' beautifully composed by...some creative-coz-wanna-be-famous guy!!

Sambhar of '69

I had my first real six rupees,
stole it from my father's pants.
went to a madrasi hotel,
to eat the sambhar of 69.
Me and some kadke dost,

had it all and we caught bukhaar,
jimy puked, joey got ulcers,
and Bagga ne maari dakar.

Oh when I went back there now,
the food was as stale as ever,
and though it was 1999,
still the sambhar was being served over there,

that was the worst food of my life.

Therez no use in complaining,
when you got no other place to eat,
rushed in the evening to the doctors clinic, but he too was at the toilet seat, yeah

standing there waiting outside,
nurse told me I will wait forever,
oh and when I held my breath,
I knew that I had to use that loo there
That was the worst food of my life.

Back to the sambhar of 69.

Man I was getting killed,
I was full and restless,
I needed to unwind,
I guess nothing can wait forever - FOREVER... NO!!!!

Hope you guys really enjoyed it!! I can see you guys knocked down on the floor laughing really bad. Next time if you want to add up some spice in your college functions just install Limewire , download the Summer of 69 karaoke and sing these lines (considering you have a good voice). Next day you might find some roses lying in front of your room.


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