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Monday, March 20, 2006

Some torn clothes, a puddle of mud and Happy Holi

Salaam namaste Sat-Sri-Akaal guys!! Well this time I've decided to post about my Holi celebrations. But as I moved away from my hometown after Holi and was far away from my workstation, it was quite difficult for me to update my blog. But, I guess this post will be worth your wait. So just be ready for this exciting joyride.

Holi...this name itself fills colours and fun in my heart. But this time, Holi was a bit special for me. You might think that Holi is always special for an Indian, but this time the word 'special' had more sentiments in it than ever. The reason behind this is, probably this was my last ever Holi with all my childhood friends at my hometown, so this added extra excitement in the celebrations. Another reason that added some spice in our fun and frolic was that our exams ended just 2 days before Holi. The 3rd reason - as this is my final year in BIT, it was the last Holi that I celebrated in BIT hostel with my hosteler friends.

So ladies and gentlemen, grab your heart, coz itz time to tell you about 15th March, 2006, the day that staged the festival of Holi. This story consists of 3 parts and I'm here to give you complete insight of each part. So bring your bowl of popcorn and a large cola, select the best place on your couch to sit coz the movie begins now!!


The images are very graphical, chlidren and heart patients are requested not to view them. Explicit content, Parental Advisory ;-)

15th March, 2006

Part 1 (12 AM) : The First Blood

My Holi started at 12 AM at Bhalla's house. The guys present there were - me, Jha, Bhalla, Vaidya, Ashu and Anand Singh. Now it would be quite easy for you guys to predict what could've happened next. If not, then read patiently.

As I reached Bhalla's house, everyone was watching The Guru on the television. I also joined them, but as I saw Singh present there I started doing what I do best...that is verbally assaulting Singh with all the jokes that we create about him. Generally, we call Singh with many weird names like Mrs Jha, Chuchad, etc. That really pisses him off and on this day the same thing happened. So he decided to go back home. That really triggered all the devils in us. This is how we drew first blood from Anand Singh.

Then came the next step. We started calling our friends using Bhalla's landline that has 4 parallel connections and started irritating them really bad. Hey, don't take us otherwise. We are not that irritating but these special moments make us do these things. Nikhil and Meshram were the first people who were assaulted by us in the phone and as they were not so resistant to our jokes, they simply hung up. But, Jeetu was able to digest our jokes easily and we continued to tease him for 20 more mins.

Soon our energy levels started to drop and we found ourselves on the bed watching the Ajax v Inter match. As I was really tired and Holi was the top most thing on my agenda, I fell asleep. But Vaidya, Bhalla and Ashu continued their masti till 4 AM.

Part 2 (10 AM) : The Dayschi Assassination

I was back from Bhalla's house. I was not getting so much enthusiasm about celebrating holi. Last night's masti was taking a toll on me and I was feeling really sleepy. Suddenly I heard some vehicle's sound coming from outside of my house. When I went out I got the shock of my life. Pauva (Shashank) was standing there. I mean, such an idiotic and crazy character he is, I am planning to write a post on him. Just get this, he does the same things normally that a drunkard will do after he is 7 pegs down. However, I said him to go to Nikhil's house and I'll join him. I called up Ashu and he told me to come to his house. So I got dressed, picked up the colours and went to his house. Soon we were joined by Anshuman and Sid.

Slowly, more people kept on joining us and soon our group consisted of around 20-25 people. We moved to Tathu's house, dragged him outside and splashed colours on him. But our main prey was Pauva. So what we did is that we tore down his t-shirt and tied it around his neck. He could do nothing more than standing and watching. Then we moved to Paari's house and there the Nehru Nagar batch joined us. From there we started our ruthless elimination and tore off each others' t-shirts. Soon there were around 25 semi naked guys standing and looking at each other in a startled way. Then we rode off in our bikes to Chuchad's house, but he wasn't there. So after visiting Jha's house we went to Niket's house.

Damn it...what a scene. More guys and more clothes!! And wow, Chuchad also present there. God is really gracious. We again started doing what we've been doing for a while. We tore off the clothes of guys standing there and also gave the same treatment to Chuchad. Soon we lifted him up and threw him in a puddle filled with muddy water. Chuchad kept on cursing us after that, but in vain coz the executioners(that's us) fled from the spot after practising the Dayschi assassination.

Part 3 (2 PM) : The End of the Suzuki

After fleeing off from Niket's house, I reached my home. I threw my half torn t-shirt and wore a new one. Suddenly a thought of visiting the hostel crossed my mind. Even knowing that the hostelers have created a large puddle consisting of mud, cow-dung and may be some human excreta I dared to think about visiting the hostel. Soon I was on my way. As I reached there, luckily for me the celebrations had stopped. But MP and GT came from nowhere, again tore my t-shirt and cargo pants and threw me in the famous 'puddle'. They smeared me with all the stuff that was in the puddle for 25 mins, and left me there lying like a wounded snake. The Suzuki was down. It felt like the assassin who have executed so many Dayschis in one day was taking his final breaths. My eyes were full of mud and were paining like hell. But after splashing water on my face for some time I felt quite good. Soon I had a bath in GT's room, cleaned myself and returned back home.

This was my last and final Holi in Bhilai and the most memorable one. May these memories never leave my heart. Coz one day the Suzuki will rise from the ashes.

Ankscyclopedia Web Definition
Holi (N):
A joyous spring Hindu festival that is dedicated to Krishna in some parts of India; in other parts of India, it is dedicated to Kama, the God of Pleasure. People throw colored water or colored powder in celebration. (Hinduism)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Independence Day

March 13, 2006

*sniff*……….ahhhhhhhhhh (the smell of glory, the smell of freedom)

It is a very auspicious feeling. It was last felt in 1947 and I’m feeling it again. The reason behind this is, my 7th semester exams ended today on a peaceful note. I never hoped that my last exam could go so well. But it was something I really deserved. For the past 15 days my soul was battered and thrashed, my mind was put to the ultimate test of perseverance and the hormonal levels shot to its zenith. Yeah, I see philosophy flowing out of my mind because when you come back to life after staring at the eyes of the death you get the same feeling. And don’t get it wrong, my exams are not less than Armageddon for me. Well you might be thinking, why I am getting so sentimental when it’s just an exam!! But my dear friend, I repeat, when you are an easy-going person like me and you’ve to clear all your papers for Satyam, then exams convert to the war between life and death and only the toughest survives. Well if you want to know what can happen to me during exams, read this post:

The last examination of UNIX concepts and Shell programming went so peacefully that it was impossible to believe it. Again the synchro of me, Vaidya and Arnab did the trick. Now I’ve started to honour the fundas of team-work that my teachers used to teach me. A li’l bit of shell commands to him, a li’l bit of shell script from him and finally I had a cool 95 marks attempted-2 supplementary sheets attached-answer paper to submit. And as the hooter cried again to put a small full-stop on the 7th SEM exams, joy and ecstasy ran through my veins and arteries. That’s how the Indians must have felt on 15th Aug, 1947 and this is how I’m feeling today. I was lost thinking…


March 12, 2006

South Africa needs 435 to win the match against the ruthless Aussie side. Wtf, such an intense match to watch and I have 3 units of UNIX to complete. Fight for respect was what the Proteas were doing to retain their pride and glory but here in my room I was busy fighting for my independence. All the angels and the satans of my mind were in a quarrel regarding the topic that should I watch the match or not. But here again my persistence won and I only watched the last 15 overs of the SA innings and hence completed my course on time.

This was my fight for freedom that you’ll also have to fight some day or the other. And when you win that battle, just come here again to pay homage to this post and to celebrate your glory. I raise my toast to Independence Day. Cheers!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

This Month's Top 6 Desi Hip Hop Tracks - Anks' Picks

Well this time I decided to post some info regarding one of my favourite genres – desi hip hop. The fact is, desi hip hop is catching up the attention of masses really fast. That’s why desi hip hop is played in most of the clubs and they are arriving as the chart toppers in many places.

Many people tend to confuse desi hip hop with bhangra pop but they are completely different genres and bhangra pop could not match the groove that desi hip hop produces.

So ladies and gentlemen, considering my great taste of music and inclination towards this genre, I proudly present my favourite top 6 desi hip hop tracks of this month which are worth listening (*applause*):

Timbaland and Magoo – Indian Flute

This time Timbaland has shed his hardcore gangster rap image and teamed up with Magoo to put out a smooth desi hip hop club track. Initially I found this song’s video quite funny because the way it has been shot, it shows the Americans’ perspective towards India. I guess, whenever they think about India only Tajmahal and people clad in villagers-like dresses come to their minds. But, leave that coz we are here to talk music.

Rajeshwari has sung the Indian part of this song. The synchro between her vocals and Timbaland’s vocals has done wonders to this track. And yeah, there’s sound of Indian flute too that completely matches the mood of the song. Initially, I found the song quite uninteresting to listen. But now I can’t stop humming it. It has a bit addictive kind of groove in it. So ‘Indian Flute’ is a must download and a must listen for all of the hip hop as well as the club maniacs out there.

Shamur – Let The Music Play

When I heard this song for the first time, it caught my attention. But, when I heard it for the second time, I completely fell in love with it. Nowadays, this track is played in most of the clubs and its popularity is increasing to the top-most level. The beats as well as the ‘let the music play’ part sung by the female voice, dominate the song and Shamur’s voice also suits the rhythm of the track. The video hasn’t been released yet, so no reviews on that. But in the promos, a girl is shown dancing to the beats and I just love that girl. ;-)

So my personal recommendation to the clubbers and the party animals is to download this track and set ablaze your dance floor. You never know, while dancing to this track some buttons may loosen!!! ;-)

Karmacy – Blood Brothers

First time I’ve seen any group embed Gujarati lyrics into a rap number. Whatever they’ve tried, they have done an appreciable job. It seems like the lead vocalist wants to walk on the footsteps of Eminem but this time he has spitted some real outstanding shit. In the video, the strained relation between two brothers (one living in the U.S while the other staying in India) is shown. The one in U.S (the lead singer) raps in English with some real hard-hitting lyrics. But when the other one raps in Gujarati, it sounds quite funny at times but compliments the English lyrics quite well.

My personal recommendation is that, if you are a lover of rap and like Eminem very much then don’t stare at the monitor. Just go and download it. It’s not a club track, but its desi and its hip hop. So in Tendulkar’s language, “now you go get it”!!

Mentor Kolektiv – Pasand

This is another firang Punjabi group and each of them has quite unique names. The best name being DES-C (the lead singer), who gives a new definition to the word DESI. I guess why they call their band Mentor Kolektiv is because the DJ’s name is Mentor and he’s collected a group of punks to form the band. Now let’s get to their music. The song ‘Pasand’ is quite nice having good powerful beats and the way Des-C sings the song is appreciable. But the fact that stands out in the track is AC’s (the rapper) rap. In the video, they are just shown walking past
an animated city in quite funky clothes.

If you are a real bhangra lover and love hip hop in the same way, this track’s for you. But I’ll recommend each and every desi hip hop lover to get this song coz this will inject life to your otherwise boring parties.

Outlandish – Walou (Shamur Mix)

Most of the people might be knowing Outlandish. They have produced many hit numbers including ‘Aicha’ and ‘Walou’. I heard
Walou some years back and I really loved the song. But this time, DJ Shamur has mixed the song and brought it back to us in a special way. Well this time the beats are a bit stronger and the bits and pieces of music are very prominent than before. The Arabic rap in it compliments the English rap quite well and Shamur’s mix adds an extra bit of magic to it. The original Walou video was quite nice but here we are talking about the Shamur mix.

My recommendation is that, just get on your vehicle, speed towards the nearest music store and get the Shamur album. He has also mixed tracks like Don’t be shy, Kangna, etc. So all in all, this album is a must buy for all the hip hop fakers…umm I mean hip hop lovers.

RDB – Aja Mahi (Metz ‘n’ Trix mix)

Ladies and Gentlemen, RDB means Rhythm Dhol Bass and this is such a weird name that it lets me think that only a sardar can keep such kind of names. But hey, guess what?!! All the 3 members of this group are sardars. But I am not making any fun of them coz I really loved the song ‘Aja Mahi’ when I heard it. It’s a very groovy kind of song. It just takes a click on the ‘PLAY’ button to kick you off your chair and land you on the dance floor. I think they’ve tried to copy Jay Sean, Juggy D and Rishi Rich but the song they’ve produced is worth applause. And now about the Metz ‘n’ Trix mix, it is just an extra spicy, extra hot and extra groovy version of ‘Aja Mahi’. But lemme tell you one thing, the video just sux big time.

My personal recommendation is that whether you get the original one or the mixed one it’s up to you and both are good. But I like the mixed one more and I hope you’ll too.

So guys, these were this month’s Top 6 desi hip hop tracks for you. So either you get them from the market or just download them, it’s up to you. But, just check them out and they have got some real treat in store for you.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Exams Suck!!

"We don't need no education, We dont need no thought control."

Pink Floyd was torturing his vocal cords singing this song when I wasn't born or may be I was just a child, but it returned back to haunt me when I was giving the Operations Research Exam. The another thing that came back to haunt me was crazy statistical arithmatic stuff that I hated the most in my school and college days. But it seemed that, even Grudge was less frightening than the OR paper. The hooter cried at the top-most volume and we were handed the ques paper. I went through all the pages to analyse it and concluded that even getting 20 marks will be impossible. But somehow due to God's, Vaidya's and Arnab's grace, I was able to attempt nearly some 7-8 ques that I thought would fetch me around 60-70 marks and I was saved. But life is such a b*tch. You never know when, what will happen that may change the whole scenario around you. I thought that if once again I prepare so poorly for the exams, then next time there will be no saviour.

"Its result day, everyone is happy around me coz marks have been distributed like free lunches. Confidence surrounds me like a mild aura and seems like there would be no stopping. I reach the HOD office to get my marksheet. He just throws the marksheet on my face and I pick it up in a confused state. When I see my marksheet and the ( * ) sign in 3 of the subjects, I faint there." hurted. I was lying on the floor besides my bed and I figured out that it was nothing more than a nightmare. But it really took the soul out of me. Generally these things happen when you see an 813-page book and try to study a very vast and dreadful subject named Computer Networks.

The clock showed 2.30 at night. I knew that these nightmares may come back soon to horrify me again so I decided that I would better pick up the book and start mugging. So I just prepared a cup of tea for me, picked a pen and opened the book. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind, I threw the pen away, put ON my PC and started constructing this post. Actually I wanted to express how life can kick you in the a** when you are an easy-going guy, less worried about studies and more about the girls in the college and after two and a half days you will be having the BAAP of the BAAPS, CN paper.

But whatever plan these RSU guys may implement, they would never be able to break my soul. You can set tough papers or even you can reduce the gap between the consecutive papers, but we'll study only on the night before. Coz we the easy-going once, would be eay-going FOREVER. Amein.