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Friday, January 12, 2007

Home Sweet Home !!!

This time I’ve decided to pick up from the previous post. Ya, I concluded in the previous post describing about the joy of being at home no matter on which part of earth it is situated. First of all, I’d like to specify that this is my first serious post after joining Satyam Computers Services Ltd and precisely this is the first time I’ve left home and started living without my parents in approximately 20 years. Many of you might be thinking that what kinda bullshit is this coz you have been living without your parents since you were born or you are a living example of Tom Hanks in Castaway or you have left your parents in the same age as Amitabh Bachchan when his parents left him in Deewar. Your’s could be any story but I’m here to tell you mine and it’s a heart rendering story. Heart rendering as such that all the weak hearted home sick guys living out of their homes will face the ultimate torture when they read this and some of them may need a bundle of tissue papers (if you don’t have ‘em right now then just run to the nearest washroom). This story will tell you about how I felt when I returned home, after living without my parents for the first time. So I’ll Start…

On my way back home my heart was singing Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama out loud. As Dongargarh passed, the sweet chill in the air, the dusty winds and the naked kids running on the fields told me that the train has breached the border of my sweet homeland. My heart was beating so fast as if it was giving a direct competition to the home-bound Gondwana Express. When you are in your hometown even the creaky autorickshaws seem better than the Mercedes’ of Hyderabad. And the first view of Mom & Dad’s face after 3 months recharged my batteries enough to sustain all the difficulties for the next couple of months.

Now I’m sitting at my home sipping home made coffee and writing this post. Life @ home rocks when you come back home after a long time. Just imagine your mom is trying to wake you up at 10 AM but you still want to be in your blankets coz its cold outside. Then you wake up with a nice cardamom flavoured tea and bourbon biscuits and then switch on your PC to listen to the latest songs you’ve downloaded last night from the internet. Then you dial your favourite number to listen to the sweet voice of the special someone without worrying about bills coz it’s home yaar. Then you have Linkin Park doing the honours for you by singing ‘Numb’ while you take a hot shower and then slip into your favourite and warm sleeping suit. Now comes the craziest part!!! Imagine your mom bringing hot chapatis and mooli ke paranthes while you eat them with delicious home made bhindi masala, mutter paneer, chhole, achar and papad. Then you see your mom bringing some reddish stuff in the bowl. No it can’t be that…no never…ohh it’s the hot gajar ka halwa straightaway from the cooking pan. Then your mom taking out the Kesar Kulfi she brought for you yesterday…umm it’s melting in my mouth already. Just as the lunch is over you take out the latest DVD you brought to watch your fav movie with your 2600 W speakers blarin’ in glory. In the evening imagine hanging around with old pals, sipping tea and eating hot delicious samosas at your favorite Kaka’s joint and sharing old moments with your friends; about the fun you used to have in college, the girls you used to tease and the teachers you used to irritate…everything. Then going for a long drive to the dhaba around 10-15 kms away, having butter chicken and tandoori roti there and coming back home at 12.30 AM. Then, think about finding some friends in Orkut and chatting with them till 3 AM. Now it’s getting cold and again you can see your favorite bed in the whole world with warm blankets and soft pillows. You slip into your cozy bed thinking about her and without worrying about what you have to do tomorrow. Really life @ home rocks and right now I can feel it.

So I think, I’ve tortured you poor souls enough who are living out of your homes, eating cold and oily food from the third grade cafeteria of your offices, taking tension of the project report you have to submit to your project managers the next day, sleeping in the cold beds in which your mind becomes so numb that you even stop feeling your own legs and finally losing your mind, when you need coffee the most and you don’t get it coz there’s no coffee powder in your untidy and unorganised flat.

I think it’s time to leave before you fill my blog with abusive comments…Ciao…have fun and do miss home – the ultimate place to be in.



Whatever you say, however you spell...still it means the same. Basically, resurrection is a religious word depicting the Christian faith according to which Jesus rose from the tomb after his death. The Gospels state that after Jesus was crucified and lay in a tomb between Friday evening and Sunday morning, he rose, in body as well as in spirit, and appeared alive to his followers. But, right now we are here to give a new meaning to the word Resurrection.

Basically resurrection means rising from death, and today this is really going to happen. No no don't worry, I'm not going to enchant you or show you some hypnotic skills (how can I, I'm just a software engineer and not any Ramdeo Baba) but I'll just let my fingers dance on the keyboard so that I can provide you guys with a new post. It's been a long long time since I last posted on my blog, that's why it was chokin' to death due to lack of posts. So it's time for me to show some magic of my fingers, with some extra magic of the internet and make my blog survive.

But hey isn't just about survival. It's about how to survive, sustain and succeed without falling apart. Then only one can emerge as a true winner...ok ok enough of this philosophical crap. But anyhow the bottomline is that I've let my blog choke to death for many days, I've let it suffer through fatal conditions and I've never looked back once, for so many days. But it's time to prove the destiny that change is inevitable and that's why I've decided to change it !!! It's time for me to make a stand's time for me to look's time for me to snatch life from the throat of death...and it's time to let the phoenix rise from the ashes.

I've been sitting quiet for many days and was not getting much time to update my blog. Today suddenly while chatting in Yahoo! Messenger I saw Dohare's blog address in it and that reminded me of my blog that had been left unattended for so many months. When I visited my blog I felt so sad and I decided that it's time to rejuvenate my blog and start blogging once again, so that again I can provide all my readers with food for thought. So guys, I've come up with a new look for my blog...hope you like it. Do comment about the look and feel of it, and I promise you that from now on you'll never return from here, without a new post. Chill out and enjoy!!

Feeling sleepy right now coz it's 4 AM and I've to see off Bhalla tomorrow. I see my cozy bed with all warm blankets and pillow and then I think about the cold bed of Hyderabad and think that it doesn't matter who you are and whether you work in USA or Switzerland..............your home, even if it's in the remotest place on earth, is still the best place to live in !!! Yawnnnnn.....zzzzzz