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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"When Satan Becomes Saint" - The Video

Hi guys!! This is the video I made as a part of submission to Viacom18. I was supposed to make a video describing myself and tried to squeeze my creativity into this one. With lack of technical support and limited number of softwares the assignment seemed an uphill climb. But anyhow the idea clicked and the video was prepared with the available softwares. More emphasis was given on graphical transitions and effects and one liners were used, to stick to the theme of the video. Many of my colleagues watched and appreciated it. Thanks to all of them!!

Technical Support:

Editting Softwares: Google Picasa, Microsoft Paint

Movie Editor: Microsoft Movie Maker

So just have a look and hope you enjoy it!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sweet 16 Minutes...

Missing someone badly?? Feeling a lump in your heart?? Are you looking at your cellphone at regular intervals?? I guess you are familiar with this feeling. It happens to all who are badly in love with someone and are thrown far away from them for some or the other reason. In my case it's MBA!! Days really become longer when you are attending the classes and the time flies by in a split second when you are talking to her. As you all know that in MBA the work takes a toll on your private life and the way you manage to sneak in some time to speak to your special ones makes you the real manager. You feel like praying to God, that he stops the time, cancels all the presentations and assignments and provide you with unlimited battery backup so that you drain the last Lithium Ion, in order to express how you missed that special person.

Well then you might be also familiar with the times when your special one is back at home, visiting his/her parents. You seldom get a chance to speak to them because of all the boundations and cold stares of moms and pops. You crib, scream, weep but still wait for the phone to ring!! And when it does, you tend to make the most firm grip on the phone and the tears roll down your cheeks. You say "Hello" in a crackled yet the most sweetest voice and on listening to their voice your emotions just melt away through your eyes. When you hear the sweet whispering voice from the other end, you can listen the last romantic song you heard, playing in the back of your mind. You don't speak for some moments and yet feel like telling everything to her in one go. You feel like giving them a big hug and stay there for a while until the whole world gets lost from your mind. Both of you remain silent for most of the time and still your silence speaks a lot. You have a lot to say to each other but somehow the words don't come out. The sweet tits-bits cover everything and this is how you spend the sweetest 16 minutes of the whole 24 hours. After putting down the phone you feel there were lot of things you wanted to say but now you'd get chance the next day only. But still you feel satisfied and a smile covers your face.

Well, this is my experience told to you through my perspective. You guys might have other experiences too, but I am sure the feelings remain the same. We all try to race with time these days, but the necessity of the hour is to beat it so that you can devote some time to your special ones. Life goes on...oppurtunities and responsibilities come and go...but relationships are more precious than these Os and Rs. So may God bless the lovely bond and hope you keep on getting the sweet 16 minutes, when you lose yourself and the world just fades away in front of your eyes!!

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