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Friday, November 28, 2008

To err is Human, to fake is Divine..

Holy shit!! Really these words deny to leave my tongue nowadays. I have acquired this unusual habit to land myself in soup for no bloody reason. Sometimes I feel that being so good to people leaves wounds on your back. Or am I too idiot to trust on anybody as my friend. To hell with me and my nature. I have realised, people in this big bad world are nothing but bitterness coated nicely with sugar. Really, faking is an art and its not everybody's cup of tea. Not mine, at least. But one thing is for sure, I carry a big Axe by my side which I use to hit my own foot. I am such a weirdo, I arrive late at the utmost important committee meetings and get a good thrashing, and the next time I beat my record again by 5 mins. I have made a good habit to hammer my pride and self respect and guess what, my temper is sky rocketing these days. This Lavale campus is such a romantic place, it feels like lots of Romeos and Juliets would be born over here, but instead it's giving birth to this Homicide whose main motive is to kill his own self esteem. I know I've made this image where people expect a lot from me. But I'm so good in breaking expectations as I was good in breaking the window panes when I was a child. Still thanks a lot to my friends out here and my, again a weirdo, roomie who is able to sustain my tantrums. And thanks at least infinite times to that 'special person' who bears me day and night and never says a word in return. I am improving myself, trying to reduce my frequency of errors and have started to learn how to fake. May be then I'll acquire my sugar coating which would sail me through these hard times and cold hearts!!