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Friday, August 29, 2008

Being C-Rious

Now as I am in Symbiosis and as I seldom get time to even take a look at my blog, today I somehow sneaked some time for me to update my dearest blog. As I'm writing this post I feel immensely stressed out and want to share with you some piece of my mind and some piece of .... frustration. Well first of all it would be news to all of you that I have been luckily or unluckily selected as the CR of the class and it's been some time since I am holding this Holy position. Well, when you become the CR of the class, you have to take certain Oaths keeping your ego, self-respect and prestige in your pockets like "I take an oath to get royally screwed doesn't matter if I work harder than Kallu Gadha or Georgie Bush". But like everything in life, CR-ship also has it's own pros and cons. Pros are like, you can submit the topics of the assignments in the first place and cons are like you have to answer bizarre questions like "kal ka time table kya hai?", "Economics ka PPT hai kya??" or "class ke 3rd row ke 4th seat mein kon se number ka screw gayab hai??". But still I love my job, thanks to my generous and friendly classmates and pals, who keep on happily screwing me all day and still giving me emotional support ki "Arre Ankit! chinta mat kar dard nahi hoga!!".

Pressure is piling up on me heavily. With assignments, presentations and internals all lined up, I feel like an innocent dog in the middle of Jallianwala Bagh, trying to dodge the bullets like Rajnikanth or Jet-Li. But whatever be the circumstances, I love my campus, especially the hostel. You feel like sitting in the lounge listening to loud music and sharing with the pals, all the tits and bits of crap!! But seriouly, when you live in hostels you start valuing friendship more than anything. You will surely find someone in the night who will bear the pain in his a$$ to save yours and make you understand the chapters of Economics and Statistics. So ending up with this post I'd just like to say all my pals in SITM, "Guys You Rock!!". So I think I'd quickly sign off before the lab attendant makes a pulp out of my butt!!!